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Review of the month - Part 2

Ballerina intrecciata Lanciotti de' Verzi Ballerina intrecciata Lanciotti de' Verzi


Introducing our flat pumps Spring/Summer Collection

In this second part of our review, we would like to acquaint you with our woven flat pumps.  In this version, as in the unwoven one,  you will find that some are one tone and others have two tonalities.  In reality, some articles are woven moccasins or light Summer style lace ups.  The abundant variety of colour allows you to choose the woven style of flat pump that best expresses your  individual tastes and dress style.  The weaving effected entirely by hand makes them feel like slippers. They have all leather soles.   The moccasin or lace up styles are for those wanting something  a little more formal but still totally suitable for the Summer season.  Given the beauty of the weave and their colours it will be hard to find something better to put on your feet this Summer.  

Come and explore  the whole world of our Summer flat pumps by clicking on this link:


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